Understandings where radical differences thrive
This project is about the possibility of understandings though bodily actions when radical different seem to to be unsurmountable.x

During February of 2008 four Innu hunters were charged because they killed caribou in a restricted area set to protect the Red Vine caribou herd, one of the smallest of Labrador, Canada. However, this area is also used by the George River Caribou Herd that was not then endangered. During the time of this incident Innu argued that there is not difference between these two herds and that caribou from Red Wine want to mingle with the larger George River herd. This creates a conflict with wildlife managers and some of scientists working for them. However, other scientists suggest that this intermingling is not only possible, but supported with their own evidence. Even if they stop short of asking the restriction to be lifted, they opened a door for a possible understanding supported from their own stock of knowledge. 


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