The People of NunatuKavut
A documentary produced within the framework of a Community University Research Alliance (CURA) with the Inuit of Southern Labrador

Based on a collaboration with researchers and community members the documentary addresses a key concern of the Inuit of Southern Labrador: the perception that part of the public have of them. Through veiled or not so veiled commentaries and attitudes, the Inuit of Southern Labrador often have to confront the suspicion that their claims of Aboriginality, and the ‘life projects’ associated with it, are somehow spurious. To a large extent this has been helped by a strongly racialized conception of identity that tends to associate a deviation from phenotypically based stereotypes with a ‘watering down’ of Aboriginality (i.e., you don’t look like an Inuit, you cannot be Inuit). The documentary then addresses this problematic issue by querying what kind of thing is ‘identity’ and showing how the people of NunatuKavut have come to self-perceive and affirm their identity as Aboriginals, in part through the knowledge of their own history as passed down from generation to generation, and in part as a result of the archaeological, historical and genealogical research of the CURA project itself. The documentary was premiered in Labrador to great acclaim by community members.

The movie:


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